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Event Production

Audio-Visual Design, Installation, & Production
Camera man with camera, black male singer, happy couple wearing blue shirt

Your Trusted AV Pros

Every event deserves the attention of skilled hands and industry experts.
At Emeagestudio we have a network of seasoned production teams, freelancers that are always ready to take it to the next level.

camera rig on a crane
Zoomed in picture of a mixer with faders and knobss
Drums set on stage with 2 spot lights


Tell a more compelling story with branded visuals at your event! We'll take care Camera rigs, Image magnification with laser projectors, LED video walls, switchers and production units, and more.


The atmosphere and energy of any event can be completely transformed by the quality of sound! We'll source quality audio equipment & engineers to help set the right tone.


From LED automated fixtures, to lighting configuration with hardware consoles and On PC/MAC controllers, you'll be glad you hired us for your stage, lighting and video design.

Lighting design with studio setup, grandMA 2 on PC, worshipers in a conference and lighting fixtures for stage events

Let there be LIGHT!!!

We've taken a step further to incorporate stage lighting design into our offerings and establishing a unique approach to live and pre recorded staged events. Get in touch for your next event. 

Colored Theatre Lights
Live music produciton with drums, keyboard, guitar and instrumentalist keziah and folarin 2
 with multi camera angles virtual events
Camera crew and front of house studio area
LED video wall showing an array of guest speakers and singers
Virtual multi view setup for virtau event production mysacrifice
Mobile camera rig with wireless transciever, sony camera, shot gun mic, camera monitor and ipad control
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